Wine Appreciation Club

The Objectives of the Club are:

The Club usually meets at 7:30 pm on the first Tuesday of the month from October to April, culminating in a combined wine tasting and gourmet dinner in May.

The regular tastings, where we sample and discuss 6 commercial wines and a variety of foods, are held in the:

Lakeview Community Hall
6110 - 34 Street SW
Calgary AB

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The doors open at 6:45 pm.

HELP with setup of tables, chairs and food handling is very much appreciated.

Please Note: Membership in the Esso Resources Annuitant Club is required for Esso Annuitants attending the Wine Appreciation Club. There is also a $10 per member annual fee for membership in the Wine Appreciation Club.

A fee is collected at each tasting event to cover the cost of the wine and food. Event fees for most months are pre-set at $15.00 for each Member Sipper, $10.00 for each Member Non-Sipper, $20.00 for each Guest Sipper, and $15.00 for each Guest Non-Sipper. Event fees for the December tasting event and the May Gala are set prior to those events based on the anticipated costs.

Penalty for late cancellation or no-show is the full cost for the event.

Please bring 6 regular wine glasses per person.


Reservations - Comments - Questions

To facilitate registration for each tasting event, an email will be sent to all registered members using "Evite".
To register please reply to the Evite email by clicking the "View Invitation" button. This will bring up the invitation in your web browser.

Please change the "Total Guests" (default in the Evite is 1) to the total number coming. Note that in the Evite "Guests" means you plus others accompanying you, e.g. if you and your spouse are comming then Total Guests = 2.
Also indicate in the comments field if any guests are non-sippers.

For all regular tastings Questions:
Please call
Luise Merk at 403-257-1900.
(If Luise is unavailable, please contact Dianne Partington at 403-258-2514)
The seating capacity in the Lakeview Hall for the regular wine tasting events is 86 people. Should there be more than 86 registrations for a tasting event, Members will be given priority, and any further Members and Guests will be put on a waiting list in the event that there are cancellations.

Registration or cancellations must be made by Friday prior to regular tastings. Deadlines for special events may require more time. This gives the Cellar Masters and Chef de Fromage time to buy wine and food as required.

Click to send a Comment/Suggestion about the Tastings.

2012/2013 Wine Appreciation Club Events:
October 2, 2012

Pinot Grapes of the World

November 6, 2012

Wine Blends

December 4, 2012

Wines of B.C. and Ontario

January 2013

There will be no regular Wine Tasting in January

February 5, 2013

Wines of Italy

March 5, 2013

Hat Night (with Wines from Argentina, France, Spain, and Canada)

April 2, 2013

Wines in a Box

May 14, 2013

May Gala Dinner

To be held at the Newport Grill in Bonavista

Details for this event will be announced closer to the time.

Wine Appreciation Club Executive Members:
President :
  • Dwain Weckman

    phone: 403-239-2394


Cellar Masters :

  • Al Davis & Gabriela Trow


Treasurers :
  • Dianne Partington & Sheryl Partington


Chef du Fromage :
  • Connie Scruton

    phone: 403-202-0320


Registration :
  • Luise Merk

    phone: 403-257-1900


Other Positions
Photographer :
  • Rosemary Davis

Webmaster :
Room Set-up:
  • Gary Scruton

  • Ron Goodman and Malcolm Cullen

Speaker's Corner :
  • Would you like to organize speakers for the tastings?

    Please contact:


Click Here to find pictures from past events

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