Who We Are

A social club for the Annuitants of Esso Resources, Imperial Oil Limited and ExxonMobil Canada in the Calgary Area.

The club has been actively serving the Annuitants of Esso Resources and Imperial Oil since 1987.

We're Turning the Page on the Calendar

We've been working to improve the calendar to keep up with the other improvements on the website. We've written our own version that can show you all of the future meetings planned by all of the activity groups, even if they haven't yet sent out invitations. Also, you can view the calendar whether or not you have logged in using 'For Members'.

The new calendar is simple to use. All meetings are shown for each day of the month. To get more information on what's happening on a specific day, rest your mouse on the day to see an overlay of the meeting descriptions. If you're using an iPad, touching the day will do the same thing.

If lots of things are happening on a specific day, the overlay can be scrolled.

We will keep the old calendar around for a while, but we won't be updating it. You can find it if you rest your mouse on the 'Calendar' selection. A drop-down menu will appear which allows you to select the 'Old Calendar' instead.